For centuries, copper was the predominant choice for cookware. It possesses excellent conductivity and provides even heat distribution.  Professionals and food enthusiasts continue to choose copper for these characteristics.  

Quality is evident when a pan crafted more than one hundred years ago may still be used today.  The history of each piece is revealed through smithing techniques, owner’s initials, and wear patterns. One can imagine how these copper pans were put to work by their previous owners; from a humble cottage fire, to the busy kitchen of a metropolitan restaurant. Each becoming more unique as it passes from generation to generation, slowly evolving from years of service. These individual characteristics add to the experience of preparing a meal, while allowing its current owner to contribute toward the history of a pan. 

Many of the items we sell are antiques, selected for their quality.  Most are intended for regular use in your kitchen. Occasionally, vintage items are offered.  Each is piece chosen based on their condition and adherence to traditional methods of construction.

Inspiration for our company name comes from the Roman goddess of agriculture, Ceres. In ancient Rome, Ceres was honored during seasonal changes, as well as, times of celebration and remembrance. Ceres Copper continues that tradition by inspiring gatherings of family and friends.

My family and I live in a coastal town outside Portland, Maine. We are fortunate to have access to local staples from hard working farmers, growers and fishermen, which help turn simple ingredients into memorable meals.

“I'm a bit of an old soul, more at home with turn-of-the century technique and kitchen sense.”

— Jody Williams


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